TITP10: Questions Are The Answer

Our minds are filled with endless chatter.  We think thousands of thoughts throughout our day.  But, what’s the real impact that our thoughts have on our perspectives and feelings? Does the language we use, and the questions we habitually ask ourselves, influence how we feel about ourselves and our world?  In this episode, Janis explains how we talk to ourselves can mean the difference between feeling resourceful or resource-less.

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TITP8: Your Agreement and the Sacrifice

Many of us believe that we must sacrifice parts of ourselves to us in order to achieve a greater goal.  Selling ourselves out, to get what we think we need in the short term, happens more often than we realize.  In this episode, Janis explores the typical archetypes that play key roles in our lives; influencing how we show up in the world and how to make agreements with ourselves using more powerful and positive archetypes that bring us long-term happiness and joy. 

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TITP7: Your Field of Dreams

It is inevitable that you will feel, at some point in you life, that your dreams are too big to be realized.  It’s normal to feel discouraged when you want to significantly change your life; but how long will you allow your fears to hold you back? Find out, in this episode, what is getting in the way of making your dreams your reality and what steps you can take, right now, to give your dreams the breath of life.

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TITP5: How to Overcome Resistance for Real!

Have you ever sat down to do something important, like working on your budget, writing a book or preparing for a presentation and then found yourself, instead, looking at your email, making phone calls or doing the laundry?  Have you wanted to move forward in your life, only to be paralyzed by fear and anxiety?  Today’s episode examines the nasty and insidious culprit resistance: what it really is, how it shows up in your life and what you can do to finally end its tyranny over your life.

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Don't know your destiny? Change your direction and find out.

For many, the idea that they have a direct influence on their destiny can feel overwhelming; almost debilitating. It's not as complicated as you might think, though.

You see, changing your destiny doesn't require taking massive actions all of the time. All that your destiny asks of you is that you change one thing when you begin to form a relationship with it.

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Getting Back on Track

If you have ever felt that you have lost your mojo, your inspiration and direction, fear not. Help is on the way.

When you are caught up your awareness that you aren't feeling what you want to feel and don't have what you want to have, it can feel as if you are falling down a black hole. You somehow believe that you don't know which steps to take to move forward.

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Betrayed? 7 Things You Need to Know to Heal

You are in a relationship or are dating someone and feel confident (or mostly confident) that all is well. Sure, you encounter challenges, but every relationship has them, right? One day, you find something out that you can't 'un-know'.

You feel like you have just been sucker punched in the gut and your body shakes in confirmation. You've been betrayed. Your world has shifted in an unexpected direction. What do you do now?

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Guilt Free Thinking. It really does exist!

Picture this.  You are pushing your shopping cart down the aisle and you come upon an item that you want. You KNOW you shouldn't buy the item that has the most fat and calories so you attempt to strike a compromise with yourself. First, you look around to see if anyone else is in the aisle as you prepare to have a silent conversation inside that little noggin of yours.

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Your Field of Dreams

Time and time again I meet people who give up. They just stop. It's not because they can't do what they want to do or can't be who they want to be. Nor is it because they have completely let go of their dream (either big or small). For some reason, they're blocked. Something has gotten to them.

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