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Don't know your destiny? Change your direction and find out.

For many, the idea that they have a direct influence on their destiny can feel overwhelming; almost debilitating. It's not as complicated as you might think, though.

You see, changing your destiny doesn't require taking massive actions all of the time. All that your destiny asks of you is that you change one thing when you begin to form a relationship with it.

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Getting Back on Track

If you have ever felt that you have lost your mojo, your inspiration and direction, fear not. Help is on the way.

When you are caught up your awareness that you aren't feeling what you want to feel and don't have what you want to have, it can feel as if you are falling down a black hole. You somehow believe that you don't know which steps to take to move forward.

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Betrayed? 7 Things You Need to Know to Heal

You are in a relationship or are dating someone and feel confident (or mostly confident) that all is well. Sure, you encounter challenges, but every relationship has them, right? One day, you find something out that you can't 'un-know'.

You feel like you have just been sucker punched in the gut and your body shakes in confirmation. You've been betrayed. Your world has shifted in an unexpected direction. What do you do now?

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Your Field of Dreams

Time and time again I meet people who give up. They just stop. It's not because they can't do what they want to do or can't be who they want to be. Nor is it because they have completely let go of their dream (either big or small). For some reason, they're blocked. Something has gotten to them.

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