If you want to get to the heart of what challenges you and find solutions to those challenges, then an Intuitive Therapeutic Psychic Reading© is the way to go.

An Intuitive Therapeutic Psychic Reading© is unlike any other reading because it includes 26 years of therapeutic expertise; a component that ordinary psychic readings can't ever offer as well as the application of my psychic gifts: clairvoyance, empathy and mediumship.

As a clairvoyant, I see people, images, words, places, emotions, relationships, and blocks connected to you as well as your past lives. In addition, I use my skills as a medium to connect with and channel your loved ones should they want to step forward and share messages with you.

As an empath, I can feel what people feel emotionally and physically and, because of this, I can pinpoint exactly what you are feeling through the direct connection with the energy of your emotions and physical symptoms.

I work with your spirit guide team and my spirit guide team to channel messages that offer you guidance and insight.

I offer readings for individuals, couples, and groups.

My readings are delivered in the way that you can best receive them, and you will ALWAYS receive solid strategies and tips about how to move forward. The REALLY cool part is that I am guided to go back and forth between therapist and reader, allowing me to exponentially expand the reading experience for my clients by giving them strategies and techniques that can help to resolve the challenges that the reading reveals. And, most importantly, we have fun!

Tarot Card Readings

When guided, I use Tarot cards in my readings. Clients shuffle the cards, pick three and then we examine what the cards reveal and how they connect with the client. My style is "free flowing". So, clients may come in wanting to learn more about their past lives, but their spirit guide team needs to tell them more about a different aspect of their lives. Trust me, it all ties in together!

When Spirit and loved ones decide to come into the reading, I am able to connect with them and share messages.

Here are some of the types of readings that I do:

Past Life Reading

Our souls are eternal. Given that, we have lead many lives and have had many pivotal experiences in those past lives that lend themselves to who we are today, in this lifetime. This includes our preferences, our fears, our gifts/skill sets, addictions, strengths and weaknesses, and life/relationship patterns. The past life reading allows me to connect with your soul's past lives and offer you insight into those previous experiences to give a broader and clearer understanding of who you really are.

Arch Angel Reading

Using the Arch Angel Oracle cards, just as I use the Tarot cards, we focus on the question that you have and ask the Arch Angels for clarity, guidance and, as always, I channel additional information for you.

Path And Purpose Reading

This reading allows us to explore your current path, future opportunities and your life purpose. Many times, this reading firmly confirms that you are on the right track or that you were meant to do something in addition to or completely different from what you are doing right now. Usually this connects with the passions and values that you hold dear.

Love And Relationship Reading

Outside of a reading about a person's career and money, this reading is one of the most popular readings because we all want to know about what is in store for our love lives or about a current relationship that we are in. Typically, what is revealed is much more than you can imagine. You really get the "whole picture" when we delve into this area of your life.

Connections Reading

This reading is really fascinating. We explore the relationships that you have in your life; who the predominant players are, why they are in your life, and how you can be the best version of yourself within the relationship.


Angel Card Parties

Do you want to throw a fun party for your friends or family members?
That is what an Angel Card Party is! FUN!!
Gather a group of your favorite people, and let’s get reading!


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Please select the length of your reading (30, 45, or 60 minutes), fill out the form, and submit payment. Angel Card Parties have a minimum of four people and a maximum of eight. After receiving your request, I will be in touch to schedule your session. Thank you!