Working with Janis was so powerful, that after our first session, my partner and I had a better perspective on the future of our business and our life together. We even ended up getting engaged after overcoming a major block that very same day and have never been happier! Our experience of working with her has given us insight on what’s standing in the way of achieving our dreams. Now, we have a more clear vision of our paths to success. - Zach B.


Janis Cohen helped me identify an unconscious limiting belief that kept me from doing the work to grow my business to the next level. This was a huge "Aha Moment"! I went from being on the fence to accepting "the call" to a higher purpose for my life and growing my business to the next level. Janis has an incredible intuitive gift. I highly recommend her. - April Y.


Janis Cohen is a phenomenal intuitive and therapist. Janis has helped me connect with the softer, feminine aspect of myself. She has helped me become more relaxed, playful and in touch with my younger self. Being a perfectionist who tends to take things too seriously, I needed her insight to achieve balance within. Janis has helped me dial down my intense fire energy and learn to co-create with the Divine instead of forcing my will to get things done. Thank you, Janis for your loving guidance and wisdom! - Rebecca K.


Recently a friend told me I was an empath. I googled it immediately to learn about what it was and found Janis. My 1st session went too fast I signed up for 5 more. Our meetings were invaluable as she explained the gift of being an empath, and what it means to me and how can I use it. She made me work hard and really understand what I want out of life and equally as important how to deal with the things and people that are not good for me. She taught me to listen to my gut - it's always right. She helped me forgive, learn, and move on from a recent divorce and several failed relationships. Janis and I continue to work together so I can keep learning and improving. - Sean R.